Starts with Five Great Reasons


There is Something for Everyone

The art and science of comprehensive planning is like trying to make all the puzzle pieces fit together to form a picture that creates communities of lasting value while balancing varied interests and viewpoints that emerge along the way. Development, redevelopment, transit-oriented development, fiscal impact analysis, PILOTs, housing, affordable housing, public health, transportation, circulation, complete streets, climate change, resiliency, the environment, historic preservation, sustainability, economic development, Master Plans, reexamination reports, zoning codes, creative placemaking, job growth, urban design, the Municipal Land Use Law, the future of the State Plan, regional planning, partnerships, and more. With over 50 sessions and 200 presenters, there truly is something for everyone.


Planning Keeps Changing

Every year the New Jersey Planning Conference brings together the hottest topics, the latest tools, and the leading voices with something new to say about what matters most to you. With an active administration in Trenton along with a series of new legislative actions and court rulings, a lot is in flux. What does this all mean for state, regional and local planning? Come find out.


Grow Your Network

Planning and partnerships go hand in hand and no one’s network is ever too large. Conference contacts can be real life savers when you face an unexpected challenge. The reality is that regardless of whatever hat you’re wearing – planner, attorney, developer or other land use professional, elected or appointed planning official, an issue advocate or concerned citizen – knowing one another, listening to one another, and learning from each other is critical. You can also grab this chance to boost your career, meet old friends, renew acquaintances, and build key relationships you need to advance your goals.


Get Your Continuing Education Credits

For professional planners, AICP CM Credits will be submitted for all sessions. For attorneys, Continuing Law Education credits will be submitted for applicable sessions (minimum one law session during every track).


Take Back What You Learn

You’ll return with new ideas, solutions, and skills to raise the level of play for your whole team. Caring is sharing.