Practical Resiliency Planning at the Municipal Level

Learn how community vulnerability assessments, Hazard Mitigation Plans, and various planning tools can help your community
adapt to natural disasters and sea level rise now and in the future. Explore Coastal Vulnerability Assessments prepared for
multiple NJ communities. Learn about local, county, multi-jurisdictional, and the State Hazard Mitigation Plans and how
they interact. Learn how Toms River Township is adapting to natural disasters and sea level rise by incorporating resiliency
into redevelopment plans, zoning, and other measures. Toms River Township has also developed a sustainable and resilient
guidance report for municipalities, identifying all current planning tools, when and how to best utilize them, state policy
recommendations to improve the existing tools, and questions and concerns that must be addressed at the state and regional


  • Kelly Pflicke, Senior Planner, O°ice of Coastal and Land Use Planning, NJ Department of Environmental Protection
  • Stacy Krause, PP, AICP, CFM, Senior Research Associate, Environmental Analysis & Communications Group, Edward J.
    Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University
  • Craig A. Wenger, P.E., AICP, CFM, LEED GA, Senior Associate, Technical Manager, Water Resources, Michael Baker
  • Erika F. Stahl, PP, AICP, Assistant Township Planner, Township of Toms River

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