Moving Toward Resiliency: A Look at the Past and Directions for the Future in New Jersey

Climate change presents considerable and growing challenges to New Jersey, particularly in coastal areas where risks of flooding
impacts will become acute. Increases in large coastal storms and recurring tidal flood inundation are being considered within
some exemplary planning processes in New Jersey. However, examples from across the nation suggest more can be done to
confront climate change impacts. This session will offer a wide-ranging panel discussion focused on the past, present, and
future state of incorporating climate change and resilience into different planning processes at different levels of government.
Panelists will discuss prior experiences in incorporating climate into existing planning efforts. Given prior experiences, panelists
will also discuss how practice can continue to change to enable New Jersey to become resilient and how governmental and
non-governmental partners can help practitioners prepare plans that affirmatively and effectively address risks. The panel will
cover topics that include integrating hazard mitigation planning and master planning efforts; integrating planning efforts across
municipalities and regions; changes that could be made to the Municipal Land Use Law to address resiliency; design responses
to planning efforts; and the changing nature of how the flood insurance program and finance industry acknowledge climate risk
with regard to municipal finance.

  • David Kutner, PP, AICP, Planning Manager, New Jersey Future
  • Matthew Campo, Senior Research Specialist, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University
  • Kelly Pflicke, Senior Planner, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, O°ice of Coastal and Land Use Planning
  • Linda Brennen, AICP, Supervising Planner, Monmouth County Division of Planning
  • Eugene J. Chebra, P.E., Assistant Director, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Quality
  • Christopher Testa, Supervising Administrative Analyst, New Jersey O°ice of Emergency Management
  • Tim Dillingham, Executive Director, American Littoral Society

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