Best Practices in Sustainability for Planners and Local Officials

Looking for the latest plans and policies that will advance sustainability in NJ communities? Look no further. This session will
cover a wide range of sustainability strategies for NJ municipalities, developed by professionals and public officials across the
state for the Sustainable Jersey municipal certification program. Since Sustainable Jersey launched in 2009, 440 municipalities
have signed up, hundreds of new Green Teams have been created in municipalities across the state, and more than 6,000 discrete
sustainability actions (i.e. plans, policies and activities) have been implemented in the three categories of prosperity, people, and
environment. This session will cover “actions” of particular interest to planners, including solar and EV ordinances, urban heat
island assessments, water conservation strategies, impervious coverage assessments, long-term green infrastructure strategies,
public engagement in community planning decisions, and more. The session will also cover Sustainable Jersey resources that
are available to municipalities, including mini-grants, technical assistance and training. Session attendees will learn how these
sustainability plans, policies and activities can be a resource to inform their work, and help promote sustainability in New Jersey


  • Randall Solomon, Executive Director, Sustainable Jersey
  • Linda Weber, AICP, PP, Director of Policy & Program Initiatives, Sustainable Jersey
  • Chris Linn, AICP, Manager, O°ice of Environmental Planning, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • Leigh Ann Von Hagen, AICP, PP, Senior Research Manager, Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center, Rutgers University
  • Lauren Skowronski, Program Director for Community Engagement, Sustainable Jersey

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